Pfilates Program

Pfilates Program

The Pfilates Program is by far the most sophisticated program for regaining bladder control on the market. Created by Dr Bruce Crawford, a Board Certified Urogynecologist, The Pfilates Program restores bladder control in just 4-6 weeks.

This program of movement is the result of 10 years of extensive research that has proven certain types of movement are more effective than the traditional Kegel exercise

Participants are able to interact with the Pfilates team through their free private web page where they will receive instructional videos, and a customized exercise program.

The effectiveness of the Pfilates program has been published in the medical literature. Subjects completing the program report a 74% improvement in bladder symptoms in only 4 weeks.

There has never been a program like this. Don’t settle for older products based in devices that have to be inserted into the vagina. The Pfilates Program will teach you specialized movements that you can incorporate into a regular fitness routine and use for the rest of your life

Dr. Crawford believes "Bladder Control is a Fitness issue....and Deserves a Serious Fitness Solution". Dr Crawford has personally trained over 2000 Physical Therapists and Pilates instructors all over the world in this amazing method. Now you can have access to this same training at home with minimal (but consistent) effort.